Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Writing SEO-Friendly Content

Are you a content writer? Have you been asked to write articles that exhibit SEO characteristics? Have you tried your hand at SEO content writing? Are you not getting desired results even though you’ve followed the steps?

These are some common concerns of content writers. They are not familiar on how to make their articles “SEO-fit” or they don’t know why they’re doing it all wrong.

These questions have been compiled to check if you are doing SEO content writing correctly. Check what you have written and here are the questions to ask yourself:

Have I checked my choice of keywords? This is a question that must be asked every time you pick your SEO keywords. Your intention of using keywords is great, but you also have to check if they fit your criteria.

You may have been choosing the wrong keywords all along. Your pick may not even be what your target page visitors might use. Think about your target market carefully. What would “language” they speak?

To illustrate this, teenagers may use a different set of slangs as compared to adults. Even in English speaking countries, they would refer to the same object with different words. Take for example jumpers (British) and sweaters (American).  You also have to check if your words can mean a lot of different things like homonyms.

When you are choosing the words, you have to deliberate if they will do the right job. Choose the words that will be commonly used by your potential visitors and they should be clear and precise.

Have I put much thought into my content? In your earnest desire to insert the SEO keywords, your article might have ended up with thin content. This is not saying that the inclusion of keywords would make your content really bad.

They key is finding the balance. You can still make meaningful content with the keywords. You have to put much thought into how you can use them and at the same time produce useful content.

You see, the potential users would see through your thin content. They are driven to go to your website but are they driven to stay? You have to give them a reason to stay and eventually come back to your page.

Give them content which is interesting and better if it will make them share it on their social media or other platforms. It is important to keep them engaged. Your content should be useful and interesting to them.

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