What SEO Content Writers Do Not Tell You

Do SEO content writers have secrets? How are their written articles more SEO-friendly than the others? What do they do to make their articles more “attractive”?

Have you ever wondered why is this the case? Why are some articles more SEO-friendly than the others? What are the techniques used by these content writers?

Today, we will share you their “secrets”. We will let you know how they do it. To the untrained eye, you may not even notice the difference between what they have written and what you have done. What makes their articles so different then?

They focus on great content. – Not sure if this will come off as a surprise but they really do focus on content. While there are so many SEO techniques, they understand that they should start with the quality of their content.

They come up with well-written, well-researched, and informative articles. Their articles are interesting enough that when readers reach the page, they stay to actually read the contents.

If you want to start with SEO-friendly articles, think about your topic and how you can make it useful to the readers. Also, challenge yourself with this question: “Will the readers want to share this? Will, they come back to the website to see if I’ve written anything new?”.

Come up with great content, this would increase page engagement which in turn, search engines can recognize because more visitors are going to your website.

They understand what proper formatting does. – These content writers know that formatting is more than aesthetics. They know how to use it to the best advantage.

Images are a wonderful addition to articles. They put more life into the content. To an SEO content writer, they know that images can do more than that.

Do you know that images can come up in searches too? Yes, they can. These writers know how powerful images are. They can send their messages through the illustrations and at the same time make the articles more SEO compliant.

How do they do this? By putting alt text or alternative text into the images. Aside from helping viewers who can’t see the images in their browsers, these texts come up in searches.

What are your thoughts on headers and subheaders? SEO content writers understand that they are not just there to make the article look nicer. These headers also put the focus on the words they want emphasis on. More attention is drawn to the highlighted texts. This is also recognized by search engines, the attention is focused more on the words which are larger than the rest.

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